Cover Art by   Karinna Gomez

Cover Art by Karinna Gomez

Mother Carries by Harm

“Harm is an Alaskan ensemble that defies the bounds of typical genre standards. Blending psych-folk and beatbox with classical themes - this experimental chamber group defies your notions of musical normativity.”

Check out Heather’s lyrics and beat boxing on Harm’s full length album.


Video - “Binder”

Heather performs their poem “Binder.”

Video by   Caleb b. Kuntz

“River Babies” @ Denali National Park

Watch Heather perform their poem “River Babies” alongside the musical version of the poem by Harm.

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“Between A Rock…” by Harm

Music Video for “Between A Rock and A Rock is the Distance Spent Searching for Fertile Soil.”

Link to published poem at Narrative Northeast


“Seam” - Ordinance 6093 Response

Heather’s poem in response to the Fairbanks Mayor’s veto of the Non-Discrimination ordinance in 2019.